Emily in a white shirt and jeans holding a camera

We are a couple months into a new year and I asked you on instagram if you received a new camera and there was a lot of resounding yes! Whether you received a new camera for the very first time or this is one of many you could always brush up on your camera skills.

When starting off I’m sure everyone clicks over to Auto and goes to town. I am here to tell you that you are missing out! Manual Mode is where all the fun and exploration is! Good photos don’t just come from a camera but from the photographer using it! In order for you to use it well you’ll need to master that Manual Mode!

When I first dove deep into Manual Mode I wish there was a cheat sheet for beginners. There are some confusing concepts and how does Aperture, Shutter, and ISO all work together? It is a very delicate balance.

So, for all you starting out or even if you need a refresh on the settings I have created a Manual Mode Guide that is EASY to understand and you are sure to never forget these concepts again!

Grab the Guide Below!


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