Behind the Lens

Flavor in Frame was born from a love of good food. For years I enjoyed cooking and sharing it with friends. What started me sharing family favorite recipes has molded into a career in food and food photography!

I believe that you eat with your eyes first, then your mouth.

About Emily

I’m Emily!

I am so glad you’re here! I am a professional Comercial Food Photographer that loves hummus and good iced coffee. I live in the picturesque mountains of Utah with my husband, 2 kids, a golden retriever, and 2 cats. We fill our days with the outdoors, fun, and always good food.

I have always loved baking and cooking, which lead me to start this food blog. I quickly realized that my photography needed a lift so I deep dove into food photography and all that goes into it. (still learning, there is always something new to learn) After 4 years I have turned it into a full-time food photography job!

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